What is your 2015 #goodreads reading challenge?


If you’re a fan of Goodreads (friend me, here!) than you probably already have a 2015 reading challenge.

If you’re not a fan of Goodreads, or haven’t heard of or used Goodreads before, than you might be wondering what a reading challenge is.

It’s simple to explain. A reading challenge is a number of books per year. Say you want to read a book a week for 52 books a year. That’s awesome! Goodreads checks your progress automatically when you check in after every book you read and say when you finish it.

That’s the problem I always have. I always forget about Goodreads, so my challenge is never accurate.

This year I want to read 12 books. I know it sounds low. But I want to read one book per month. This will be hard since I’m working so hard on my own novel. And…well, Netflix!

BUT I’m going to give an honest effort this year. AND I’m going to remember to update my Goodreads! I am great at remembering to leave reviews however, so I will have to remember to leave both on Amazon, which is where I leave the reviews, and also on Goodreads.

Honestly, reviews are the best way to help an author out!

So please leave a comment down below, I’d love to hear what your 2015 reading goals are! And are you a fan of Goodreads? Let me know why or why not! And where do you leave your reviews? Share below :)

Happy Reading!

“Just write the story” #amwriting #askpub with @DavidRozansky

So last Thursday I had interesting tweets with Ask the Editor wiz David Rozansky after a fellow tweeter asked about if it was cliche to start a story to a physic was cliche or not, I asked if was cliche to tell a shrink the story of how it began as I’ve seen in a few Hollywood films.

He had some great advice below worth sharing on my blog:

So what do you think? What is your favorite way to begin a story that you’re either reading or watching on the big screen?
Which films or novels have done it well, or is the whole thing an irritable cliche?
Share in the comments below :)

New Years Resolution a #writer can keep!

New Years Resolutions
So we all know that new years resolutions are usually forgotten within a couple of months. Usually. I know there are hard core people who can rock that diet resolution all year! But I’m not one of them.
This year, I only made resolutions I knew I could keep. Here are my writing ones:
1. Write at least a chapter every week
2. If I can’t feel inspired for a current project, start a new one
3. Less time on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video
4. Go out with my friends more for real life inspiration
5. Write down interesting over-heard conversations
6. Write down interesting first and last names I hear
7. Pay attention to the news…a little bit
8. Social Media, Social Media, Social Media! Be more active on other people’s content, not just my own
9. Networking – online and off
10. Not be scared to succeed or finish a project
11. Not be scared to fail a project
12. Continue to not compare myself to others
So that’s it. Writers! What are your resolutions? Do you have any new year habits? Readers – what is your 2015 reading challenge? 

Going #viral? Remember this!


Thanks to a Mashables post for inspiring this post, and to bring me nearly to tears with how awesome the collab is (what can I say? I love it when humans work together!) I noticed one really, really, REALLY important detail about what all these videos have in common.

Are you ready for it? I’m not sure you are. It’s a really big detail. Easy to miss.

The one thing all these video have in common is how random they are. There is nothing in common with all of them. Sure, they’re organized into categories like dancing and daredevils, but no two videos have one thing in common.

Viral is luck. So don’t try to go viral. Just aim for awesome.

Most importantly, don’t call your own video or content viral. Let the people decide if it is viral.

And if it is awesome enough, the world WILL notice.

So go ahead. Be awesome. I dare you.

Good days while traveling start with #Starbucksvia


Greetings from Jacksonville,  Florida!

A great travel day starts with a good view and good coffee which starts with Starbucks Via!

Hotels are natorious for bad coffee. Be prepared to fight bad coffee with Starbucks Via.

Via is probably hands down the best “instant” coffee on the market. And I always stuff my duffle bag with them when on the road.

What are your traveling rituals?  Share below!

Missing #Hogwarts? Visit 12 times for 12 Days of Christmas! #harrypotter


Have a very Harry Christmas, interwebs!

Time to grab your wands for this magical journey this month. Not sure if J.K.R. is missing Hogwarts, or else she just knows how we can’t get enough of the world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts.

Because starting the 12th, once a day, a new short story will be launched on Pottermore.


Find out more on the Pottermore Insider: http://bit.ly/1yZGR27

Have you ever wanted to visit Hogwarts during Christmas? What magical realm did you always wish you could travel to? SHARE in the comments :)

The Snooze Button is the Biggest Frenemy of Them All


It’s funny how a slightest change in our morning routine can feel like the whole day is thrown off.

That happened to me today. And it started when I decided to lay a few more minutes in bed with my new kitten, because her purr was just too sweet to resist.

The following had me out of whack and in a frenzy:

1. Forgot it was garbage day, so had to run around to clean my room in less than five minutes.
2. Had to feed the kitten, which takes longer when she always tries to play with your shoe laces.
3. Had to make my sandwich which I eat for breakfast since I don’t get a lunch break, as I forgot to make it the night before.
4. Saw a cat on the road had gotten hit by a car, which broke my heart the whole morning commute.
5. My office space area was locked, when it usually wasn’t.
6. And the computers had been messed up from the person who shares my space at night.

Okay, so the alarm clock wasn’t the cause of all my “bad” morning, but I felt like if I had those ten extra minutes I chose to “waste” lounging, I might have been able to be more prepared. But then again, you can’t always predict life – and perhaps that’s what makes each day interesting, is the little things that go “wrong”.

What things throw you off in the morning? Share in the comments below!