Back to School: not just for the kids! #mondayblogs

back to school

So the last few weeks have been rather exciting at Target and Staples, and other such retailers.


Three words.

Back. To. School.

Those words might make students and teachers cringe, but for the rest of us, it’s enough to cheer for…especially if you go early.

WRITERS: Stock up on notebooks, pens, cork-boards and inspiration boards. Writing YA? Get teen like patterns to get inspired. Not writing YA, no problem, stock up on those flash cards for that story board.

OFFICE FOLK: Get fashionable and functional organization items for a steal. It’s like Christmas.

FOR THE HOME: Get clutter under control by tackling your file system. Who says cleaning just has to be for the spring?

FOR THE CAR: And when inspiration hits you on the road, make sure you have a notebook or two tucked in the glove department. I always like to have a pen handy also. I don’t recommend writing while driving, but when you are driving to your destination, and inspiration hits, the moment you park – write it down!

CLOTHING: Old Navy and Target have had huge sales on basic tee shirts and such. Take advantage! Stock up! Look classy!

Have YOU taken advantage of back to school even if you don’t have kids and not a teacher? Share in the comments :) Parents: do you love or hate back to school season? Teachers: how about you? What items are a must for teachers?

Go have fun…your computer will be okay. (I Promise!)


Well, I was rather proud of myself. For this week I managed two whole days without even touching my computer!!!

I brought my laptop with me in my car because I knew I’d be running around all day yesterday and guess what? I didn’t even turn it on! And today I didn’t even use it until now.

And I feel just fine.

Sometimes I get so caught up on “checking everything” I forget that it’ll all be there when your ready :)

I love social media and working on my laptop, I’m not bashing society or technology, but it’s a nice reminder that it’s okay to take a day off. Pamper yourself. Have a nice date. And go out on the town!

Your computer won’t really miss you.

How do you guys cope on “vacation” without having to check anything? Is it relaxing, or does it freak you out?



Be careful when you say #upforwhatever – a cautionary tale #mondayblogs

It could have been a Bud Light commercial.

My friends and I of my very wonderful Meetup Group that I created back in April, were at our scheduled meeting for dinner at a Japanese restaurant. The food was terrible, but it was a great time, and the rice was like perfect. As we were having our ice cream that was served in a Chinese style to-go container, a couple of people had to leave.


One girl mentioned she was going downtown Greenville to meet someone, and I said ‘ooo downtown, that sounds like fun’.

A few people stared at me like I was crazy, and in hind-sight I think I understand why they did. And they were probably right to do so.

So I went around the table – there was about eight of us left – and I said “up for whatever?” at each of them. Those that agreed stayed behind and we synced our GPS’s to meet at the same parking garage, on Richardson street which always has the cheapest parking. So the five of us drive off and meet up there.

We met at the first bar we had in mind, but it was completely dead. So we head down Main Street to another joint called Jack N’ Diane’s, a very crazy place indeed.

What we didn’t know, why those at the restaurant looked at me like I was crazy, was there was a severe flash flood warning that night for the Greenville area. It didn’t start raining until we were already half way to Main Street.

There was three of us girls (two Sarah’s and a Claire) and two guys. We girls of course screamed, one Sarah screamed about her hair and I was worried about my sandals, which were the kind that got soggy and gross when wet.

We squeeze underneath an awning which of course doesn’t shelter us much. There was another group that made room for us, which was really cool. It’s amazing how bad weather can bring people together like nothing else. We were waiting about ten-fifteen minutes as there was a long line. Then a big strong black guy, the bouncer, walks up to us to tell us that it was over capacity with people. The Sarah that was worried about her hair, said “don’t you remember me?” and he laughed and said “how could I forget? But then how can you forget me, look at me I’m a big black guy.” we laugh and he said he could see if there was room to stand around the bar if that was cool with us.

This was the second time we asked ourselves “up for whatever” or were we to join our other friends at a Jazz place. But Sarah promised us it was going to be awesome, so we wanted to check it out.

The bouncer comes back and says “all right, come with me” and it was the first time I was one of the cool kids…by passing those in line that were ahead of us. Part of me felt guilty, as those nice folks that made room for us were still waiting in line (and it was still raining, heavily); but I mostly felt cool, as I said – that never happened to me before. But he was right, it was crowded. Every table was taken, and lots of folks were standing around watching the show.



So we were standing around the bar for about a half an hour, some of the group drank, but I didn’t even want one drink as I had an hour drive home, which I knew would take longer in the rain.

We were about to leave to join our friends at the jazz bar, but when we walk to the door, there was basically a monsoon outside and the sidewalk was pretty much flooded completely. So stranded were we. But if you’re going to be stranded from a monsoon in downtown Greenville, be stranded at Jack n’ Diane’s!

It was crazy. There was a Lesbian bridal party, and about four very talented entertainers. Everyone around us was ordering jello-shots and fishbowls like crazy (I pointed to my friend that there was 98 oz. in a fishbowl!) and meanwhile the roof where we were standing under started leaking. We helped the bouncer that let us in figure out where the leaks were coming from, and he stopped them by using an empty fishbowl to catch the leak.


And finally after about another hour of standing, a big drunken group leaves and we grab the best seat of the house, says Sarah. So we stay there because there was crazy flashes of lightning (lightning still bothers me after my near encounter with it which you can read about here) and still raining cats, dogs and sheets and buckets.

The bridal party looked like a lot of fun. Looked like a reception because everyone was dressed up, but then the sashes the brides were wearing said ‘bride-to-be’, so I think it was just a shower. There was one guy in a bow-tie (bow-ties are cool) who was a riot and obviously the life of the party. And there was one guy on a table in front of us in the ‘pit’ who was with two girls. He was very talented in taking pictures, and mastered taking two pictures at once with two different phones…I was impressed! But the two brides was really cool. One was from the Army so they played the Army march for them which was a lot of fun and they just seem like a great couple – wish them all the best! We were kind of sitting at the end of their party so we felt like we were accepted by their group too :)


Anyway, around 12:15 the rain finally lets up, so after my friend finishes her last beer, we decide to head home while we can. But the guys already left after some mis-communication (he thought my 5 more minutes symbol meant goodbye, and it was too loud to hear) so us girls ran through the rain to the parking garage.

I make sure my friend is okay to drive home as I’m not a fan of drinking while driving, she said she was fine, I told her to text me when she got home. Which she got home just fine thankfully.

And then as we make our way to the elevator of the parking garage (we were on level five) another group of older but cool adults squeeze in at level one. We get talking about the weather (like I said, nothing else brings people together quite the same!) and the elevator got weird and kept opening up on every single level, when they selected four and we selected five. This kind of freaks me out as it reminds me of the Disney ride Hollywood Tower of Terror. I nervously joke that the ride is haunted. One of the guys of the group says ‘yeah, it’s Casper!’ and I quote Dr. Who and said ‘please don’t hurt us, we’re nice’ – lol it was fun and the group was cool, even if no one else caught my Whovian reference. They make it safely on level four and we made it safely on level five.

Then they drive away and as I make my way through the parking garage, I find the guys and we talk a little more.

So it’s not until 1:00 I make my way home. And with all the fog and floods it was a challenging drive home. But 2:45 in the morning and I crash in my bed.

Hence the cautionary part of this tale: CHECK THE WEATHER BEFORE SAYING UP FOR WHATEVER!

Hope you guys had a great weekend to! Have you ever said up for whatever, and has any craziness happened because of it? Share in the comments :)

Honestly, I couldn’t make this up if I tried lol.

How do you end summer with a bang? #mondayblogs


How do you end summer


Are you ready to say goodbye to summer? I’m not sure I am. I have been LOVING my first summer in Greenville.

How do you guys handle August to make sure you end summer with a bang?

Because I’m so sad to say goodbye to summer, I want to know from YOU how you and your family and friends end summer with a bang!

Do you throw a big bash? Do you take one last vacation? Do you finally read the book on your TBR list? How do you celebrate the end of summer?

Share in the comments!



Get on my list: you deserve a Plus! #becauseyourworthit #mondayblogs



I’ll have a brand new e-mail account to break out to become my new favorite pair of shoes.

Why am I moving? Because I’ve created a dedicated e-mail account for my author goodness. It’ll be better in the long run for our Google Plus experience. More sharing, more creating – it’ll be fantastic!

But, like a brand new pair of shoes, it might take some “wearing in”. The main thing I’m worried about, is not the right fit, but not losing any old threads. As in – YOU!

I’m going to make a fancy list…as in, as fancy as typing out on word, to make sure I’m not forgetting anyone.

So if you like my random and Geeky content, author news, technology news and other random STUFF let me know in the comments with your Google Plus name, and I’ll be sure to add you so we can be awesome together!

Let’s do this!

Click on the picture above for some linkage :)

Hope to see you all there! It’ll be fun, promise!

Have a great week all,


True story: Batman teaches me a life lesson. #mondayblogs

Had a weird dream last night that a group of my friends was helping Batman…because he was Batman.

I was getting annoyed because I felt I wasn’t being any help at all, so I went off on my own. Found Joker and Harley Quinn and Joker offered to publish my book. A friend came in time to warn me no to trust him but he said he could publish it immediately, like that very second. I agreed and he published it under a different author name, with a different title and a naughty picture on the front of a bloke with very impressive abs…and then laughed about it and started mocking me. He was very not nice. And I was horrified my young adult book was ruined.

Batman was very upset I chose to side with the Joker. He slowly shook his head in mega disappointment.

And then I cried a bit that I let down Batman.

And then I woke up thinking WTF was that.

I think Batman was trying to tell me to be patient and keep working on my book. We’re all always looking for that quick easy fix to get what we want. And the Joker was just a friendly reminder to me that there is no such thing as the easy path. And if it’s easy, it’ll either not be exactly what we want or lacking good quality.

Gosh my subconscious is so deep.

How about you guys? Any messed up dreams lately? Share in the comments :)