It’s #WorldTeachersDay – which teacher inspired you the most? #mondayblogs


It’s easy to remember the bad teachers. The ones who wouldn’t give us a break no matter how hard we tried. The ones who told us in Middle School we’d never graduate college. The ones who wouldn’t explain what you’re doing wrong no matter how many times they gave you a ‘D’ for an assignment despite seeing your honest best attempts at the damned thing. Oh yeah, it’s almost impossible to forget the bad teachers.

But it’s not the bad teachers that define us, is it? Despite the fact that their declaration of predicting your failure might have been the fuel you needed to prove them wrong, it is not the same definition of soul as having a teacher that truly believes in you.

I’ve only had two that made a point of saying they believe in you. Or rather, showing they believe in you. Because this isn’t the Disney Channel. This is real life. But teachers can totally be as awesome as Mr. Feeny and make as great of an impact on you as he did for Corey, Tapanga and the rest of the class of Boy Meets World.

For me there were two teachers.

Mr. Loinsberry of the Fourth Grade just made learning so much fun! He made use feel like there wasn’t anything we couldn’t do, while at the same time still keeping peace on the playground. I think I learned my sales skills from him. He was teaching us about the trading of the American Fur Trade of the 1600’s and I was the kid who sold the most. There were other memories of him but that was by far my fave.

The other teacher was in high school, English in sophomore year. He was friends with my parents and I thought that was going to be great. In fact I was excited I finally had a class with him. But he pulled me aside the first day of the year after class and said that because he was friends with my parents it wouldn’t be fair to the other kids if he made it easy for me. He said he’d have to be hard on me, but he told me upfront it was because he cared. And you know what? He kept his promise. He wouldn’t let me hand in a bad essay. He would always make me re-write it. And re-write it. And re-write it. And by the end I wanted to resurrect Robert Frost so I could kill him myself. But it taught me a lot about editing. And I know it was that lesson that impacted my writing today.

So I wanna hear from YOU who the teacher was that impacted you the most. Was it a teacher that helped you discover your passion? That made you believe you could graduate? That gave you all the right tools to succeed? Who was your own Mr. Feeny? Share in the comments!

Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling


I love Pixar! What Pixar flic is your fave? Mine is the Incredibles!

Originally posted on Love, Laughter, and Life:

Become a better storyteller by learning from one of the great modern storytellers – Pixar animation studios.

Source: Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling

Oh, Pixar, so many great stories!

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Happy #nationalcoffeeday! What do YOU love about coffee? And my thoughts on the #KeurigKold!

coffee day

Well this coffee obsessed author is ecstatic that today the nation celebrates coffee!

Coffee! Oh glorious coffee! How I do love thee <3 Too many reasons to count! Not as poetic as Shakespeare but I only have had two cups of coffee :)

So today you might be lucky enough to score some free coffee around this great nation of ours. If you’ve ever gotten free Joe on National Coffee Day share your experience in the comments below!

And is it coincidence that Keurig launched the Keurig Kold today? I think not! Well done, Keurig, well done. Are you interested in the Kold? Is the Kold trying to kill the Soda Stream? I’d love to hear your thoughts! I’m interested in the Kold but I’m going to wait closer to Black Friday to see if the price goes down. Also there were a lack of demo’s and reviews on YouTube so I’ll wait until I have more information. Aside from the steep price tag of $369 (can we say YIKES!) it is not yet known just how many varieties they are having. And no Coke Zero yet! So no dice, Keurig. At least not yet. Bring the price down about a hundred bucks and then we’ll talk. Because that’s almost the price of an iPad Mini! Again, YIKES!

So share in the comments below what you love about coffee, if you ever scored a freebie on this day or what you think about the Keurig Kold. Because today is a big day for coffee fans!

No #bloodmoon for you! #mondayblogs

bloodmoon envy

Well I guess I just have to borrow my character Bas Barkley’s Time Shifter and travel to the year 2033 for the next super blood moon, because wouldn’t you know it; it was raining last night. And everyone on my Facebook feed posted super cool photos of their sighting. Even their iPhone photos looked cool compared to my cloudy sky scene.

I was able to listen to some of the live coverage by NASA. It was neat because they gave some very lunar fun facts. And although Princess Luna did not grant my dream to see the blood moon, thanks to the magic of the interwebs, I felt like I was there. Did not mean there wasn’t some major blood moon envy!

So I’m very curious, did YOU get to see the supermoon? Was it everything we dreamed of? Was it more? Or, like me, did you miss out due to weather. Sigh. Oh well, we only have 18 more years to go! That’s not so long, is it? :)

Here’s where to catch some cool pics of the thing if you missed it:

  1. National Geographic shares photos from the audience:
  2. Nasa DID have live coverage of the thing:

There are LOADS more resources to catch the event if you missed it. Way too many to list :)

Three Day Quote Challenge~Day 3


Cool challenge!

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Three Days of Inspiration. Three Days of Inspiration.

I accept the challenge offered by Dr. Rex and wish to thank her for all her support of Writer’s Dream9.

You can find her and her terrific blog at:

The rules of the challenge are:

Thank the blogger who nominated you.
Publish 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days in your blog.

It can be your own, or from a book, movie or from anyone who inspires you.
Nominate 3 more bloggers to carry on this endeavor.

Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Publish 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days in your blog.

It can be your own, or from a book, movie or from anyone who inspires you.
Nominate 3 more bloggers to carry on this endeavor.

The quote I have chosen is:

Love Mankind. Love Mankind.

I strive to love all of mankind.

My nominations are:




I really enjoy your…

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The Release Week of #Steampunk adventure: The Quest of the Prodigy!!! #mondayblogs #bookrelease #newbooks

Greetings all!!!

Well as you can imagine, I’m VERY EXCITED for TOMORROW’S release of the Quest of the Prodigy!


After working on this story since 2010, it is both a relief and a little bit scary to have the first story finally complete :)

I’ve honestly lost track of how many drafts this story has gone through! Well over 20.

As a debut novel from author C.E. Smith, I am very proud of this baby.

It’s got action, adventure, Steampunk galore, a touch of romance, murder, vengeance, alchemy, time travel, jazz and a whole lot more! I tried to give a little something for everyone but I tell people it was written for geeks by a geek. So I didn’t write it for everybody, but I wrote it for the true sci-fi fans.

Please check it out on Amazon! It’s available for both print-to-order paperback and for e-book. But if you enjoy reading from a real book, this one will be like no other! For each page has a fun design to enhance the reading experience!


So sci-fi fans and Steampunk fans, be sure to check this one out!!!

Prepare to set your Time-Shifters to fun!