Veronica Roth’s advice on bringing back the joy of #amwriting! #veronicaroth


In today’s news that Divergent author Veronica Roth is in the midst of creating a new series, she offered a great bit of advice for writers without I think even Ms. Roth realizing it.

“I think I’d have to be a robot not to occasionally worry about expectations!” she wrote to the AP. “But mostly I try to trust my instincts. It helps that I’m really in love with this project – that makes it a joy to work on.”

~Veronica Roth
Portland Press Harold

To me this quote stood out because it is something all authors deal with, multi-million-copies sold or not, all writers deal with that gut-churning sense of doubt. Is this project a good idea? You might ask yourself. What was I thinking when I wrote this? Will the readers understand what I’m saying?

These are all doubts we might ask ourselves as writers, and probably even more lingering in the back of our minds. The more we cloud our minds with these doubts, the less our projects have room to grow inside our brains.

But, to me as a debut writer, it’s just a little bit refreshing to know that even the big leagues still squirm on their own writings. Not that I wish them to squirm, as I have nothing but respect for best selling authors, but it is a fact that all writers experience at one point of time or another the sense of doubt. Thus, it does the writer little good to mull in doubt if even the super-star authors doubt themselves sometimes!

So I encourage writers to take Ms. Roth’s and rekindle the joy of working on your project. The rest will come in time.

What about writing makes you so joyful? Are you working on a new project or plugging away at a current one? Share in the comments below!

We are Blue Harvest Creative #authors #justaddblue


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SNOW is making me seriously DEPRESSED!

Is Snow

I know there are bigger problems in life than the weather.

Believe me, I KNOW.

I also KNOW you can’t control the weather. So don’t let it ruin your mood people say.

Well I say I can’t help it. I look out the window and just want to cry.

This is how it started.

20150224_064728 So of course when I saw it was snowing, I knew I wasn’t going into work that day. And when you’re on a part time job (two of them) no work = no pay, oh the joy!

Then it quickly became these:

20150224_154637 20150224_093755 20150224_154637

“Oh but it’s so pretty!” people might say.

No it’s not. It’s awful. It gives you a headache from staring at so much BRIGHT WHITE UGLINESS and not to mention the UGLY SKIES.


I don’t mean to bitch and whine. But I wasted the whole day yesterday being upset that it snowed and I couldn’t get to work.

The worst part of it is that there’s supposed to be another winter warning watch tonight, we’re supposed to get EVEN MORE snow! NOOOO! Which means that it’ll probably be another snow day tomorrow. Sigh.

The only one making it worth while is this one:


She thinks I’m staying home just for her. Bless her heart :)

Have you gotten snow lately? Show off your pics! Or are you a lucky duck who gets warm weather year round?

Have a great day everyone! Try not to let the snow get you down! SUPPOSEDLY spring is almost here, yay!

#theduff reminds us that #cyberbullying is dangerous and real!


It is a known issue, Cyber Bullying, but is it an issue that’s talked about enough?

What is Cyber Bullying?

Examples of cyberbullying include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.

We hear it often with famous celebs, making fun of the “hater” Tweets and comments about maybe a missed high note in a music performance, falling from the steps of the Academy Awards, or any other embarrassing moments that the celebrity might have been “exposed” in doing.

And while it might not seem like our problem because it might appear to be happening only to the rich and famous, that couldn’t be furthest from the truth. It is happening every day, to ever day people. Not just celebs, not just high school students, but literally all across the web.

People think just because they can’t see the person’s actual face when they are typing the negative comment that it is okay to post rude things. Or to “troll”. They say the best way to defeat the trolls is to ignore them, to not feed them. They also say the best way to defeat the trolls is to call them out on it, and let them know negative comments don’t bother you because you’ve got thick skin being the BAMF that you are. Well bravo to you if it truly doesn’t bother you. I don’t let mean comments ruin my day, but sometimes I read them and think to myself ‘oh my gosh, how can they be so mean?’.

I see it all the time. Especially in the comments of news articles. When people get political, they tend to get nasty. Which is why I stay out of the politics arena. I hate conflicts and drama.

As far as solutions go, I don’t think banning social media sites, adding more monitors, or banning certain words is the solution. I think the best way we can fight the bullies back is to show them every day examples of what it means to be positive, encouraging, and inspiring. If we set the examples, and ignore the mean comments and support the positive ones, eventually…hopefully, the trolls will get bored.


But this post is a kuddos post to The Duff for calling it out how it was. It was just a short scene. The high school principal freaking out over a viral video because he was worried about retaliation. But he SHOULD have been worried. They played it as a joke, but they knew enough about the subject to know it was a real thing and right to worry about it.

I kind of wish they had a scene with a guidance councilor for the main character, who fell victim to a viral video prank, and asked how she was doing with it. Instead they had the character mull over it alone. Which sort of sends a bad message to teens. Because you should seek help if you have been bullied, cyber or in real life.

Anyway, I just was really impressed that the movie called out on it without making it sound like an after school special. I’m glad that Cyber Bullying is getting attention. Acknowledging the problem is the first step to stopping it.


And maybe the Trolls will finally realize that it’s way more cool to be positive than negative.

Now that will probably never happen. But hey, I’m an author. It’s my job to dream :)

Have you seen the Duff? What did you think?

Have you been Cyber Bullied before? How did that make you feel? Did you go back to that site or block the Trolls? Did you feed them? How did you handle it?

Share in the comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

#BookReview: The Tinkerer’s Daughter


The Tinkerer’s Daughter
By Jamie Sedgwick
|| Total Stars: Three out of Five ~  Would I recommend this to a friend? YES. ||

      In a world totally different than our own, there are three different intelligent species. The elf like species called the Tal’mar, the humans and the blood thirsty Kanter’s are in a long lived war.

Starts off as a really strong novel in a very interesting world. Young Breeze, at start of novel age four, is dropped off by her father to the local Tinkerman, named Tinker. Her father is called off to war and she is forced to live with the generous and kind but recluse Tinker. Tinker takes her in as his own child, despite his knowledge that she is a half-breed. Half Tal’mar who has magic abilities like communicating with trees and healing powers, and half human. Half-breeds are hated by both the Tal’mar and the humans, because they have been warring for centuries. Breeze wants to live in a world where she doesn’t have to be hated just because she’s a half-breed. So she works hard to change it, starting with her first challenge, going to school.

This book has a nice theme about the dangers of prejudice and assumptions on a group of people, and also a theme about changing your own fate and world. Although some called her a Mary-Sue for changing the world so “easily”, it left a nice message that anyone can make a difference, and that one person truly can change everything.

I wanted to give this novel four stars even, I really did. I was very excited about it for the first 2/3rds of it. It had awesome Steampunk fantasy, a world that reminded me kind of Firefly and kind of like The Last Airbender mixed together. Tinker and Breeze on the surface are great characters. I agree with the other Goodreads reviewers that the characters could have gone deeper. Betwen the somewhat shallow characters and numerous typos, I was forced to only give it three.

I also thought that conflicts in the story felt way too rushed to resolution. Even in a fantasy world, with it’s own set of rules, it seemed unlikely to end such a long war in only a week. The most exciting part was only a chapter or two long, so that was a bit of a let-down.  It is part of a series, and while I’m curious about the second book and will probably add it to my To Be Read list, I’m not sure I will pick it up right away.

I think some character development, and one more round of editing would have made this a four or five star novel. And although it was a great read as a free book, it made me sad to see so many typos, as it gives e-books a bad name. But for a free book, it was a fun read.

Still, if you like campy Steampunk novels and enjoy a fast-paced read, you’ll probably like this novel. It kept my interest, had an ADORABLE puppy in it, and Tinker was an awesome representation of Steampunk.

Despite only giving this novel three stars, I would still recommend this to anyone who can suspend their disbelief on how time moves and about magic and loves a good Steampunk story.

Authors Versus Characters: which do you prefer?


FACT! Writers are not the same as their characters. TRUTH: Writers DO bleed their work. But not always does their work reflect their belief.

I was reminded this via this tweet:

So what do you think? Do you prefer stories based on a writers belief? Or do you value stories that challenge the writer, making them explore beliefs they may not agree with.

I have experience with the latter, because one of my stories deals with a character smoking. And I LOATH anything to do with drugs. But this character loves smoking. And so, he smokes.

So no, the characters words are not always the writers words.

Readers have been warned!

#Tea for the Sick (aka me!)

Tea is for the isc

Sorry #tea fans, I love tea, I really do. The history of tea. The culture of tea. It’s all very fascinating.

But I drink it mostly when I’m sick. I’m not saying tea can’t be enjoyed when you’re healthy, but when I’m healthy, I personally prefer coffee…if you couldn’t guess.

My favorite new recipe has been loading the bottom of a mug with a boatload of honey (yes, that is an actual measurement!) a whole half of lemon of lemon-juice, a cinnamon stick and black tea.


It really is as yummy as it sounds, and it has totally been helping this frog in my throat.

I mostly feel better. I was sick all last week with a really nasty cold, and missed two days of work on Mon and Tues, boo for no money! But my throat has still been scratchy and burning and I sound like a chain smoker. Fun times!

Still going out tonight though, like Elsa says…the cold never bothered me anyway! Wait, she was talking about the illness right?


So I want to know from YOU when your favorite time to drink tea is, and if you prefer tea over coffee. It’s okay if you do, we can still be friends :)