Cover Reveal—An Unfortunate Journey: The Tale of Orion by Sara Daniell

Claire Smith:

Fantastic cover, from Blue Harvest Creative!

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We are very pleased to present our cover for An Unfortunate Journey: The Tale of Orion by BHC author Sara Daniell. An Unfortunate Journey is a contemporary fantasy/adventure novel with non-stop action that has something for everyone. From the author of the bestselling Holly Nather series.


Front cover for eBook and Trade Softcover—Available Friday, April 24th

Pre-Order Available:

eBook now available for pre-order on Amazon. Reserve your copy nowand save!

Click HEREto order.


She’s a non-conformist with an insatiable appetite for adventure. And trouble. It is no surprise when she finds herself eavesdropping on a Constable meeting. One word that makes no sense—Earth—sends Orion on a quest for answers. What is “Earth?” And why has it never been mentioned before? Her search is soon over, but not without a heavy price to pay. Forced to leave behind the only home she has ever known, Orion fights for the chance to…

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New BHC Authors Website—Connecting Readers to Authors #BHCAuthors #BHCAuthorsWebsite

HEADLINE: New BHCAuthors Website—Connecting Readers to Authors

Blue Harvest Creative is excited to announce the next generation of independence has arrived!

BHC Authors Logo

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Recommended Blogs in the Publishing/ Writing/ Reading Community

Claire Smith:

A great list of blogs to follow!

Originally posted on Publishing Insights:


After actively running this website for almost half a year, I would like to make a list of the blogs/blog sections (in alphabetic order) that I find insightful and informative for writers, readers, and publishers. Most of them are also very well designed, which means that you can enjoy a visual feast while savouring news feeds from the publishing world:

  • Author Solution: Keith Ogorek shares tips on writing, self publishing, book marketing, and bookselling
  • Book Venture: a website owned by a publishing company; long and informative posts about interesting publishing topics with very thorough analysis
  • Confessions of a Published Author: Arran Bhansal on being a published author, and writing in general; occasional business tips
  • Digital Publishing 2015: an online hub of graduate course in digital publishing, posts written by publishing students from Bath Spa University
  • Let’s Get Digital: all about publishing business
  • Let’s Read! from “chasingtheturtle”: creative illustrations about reading, a…

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Use this ONE EASY TIP to help ME share YOUR content!

One Trick To help others%0AShare your

I love to share content. I love to share news articles, cool posts, and even some inspiring quotes and stories. In fact, I would go even as far to say that’s what Twitter is for. Is for sharing.

So why, WHY on God’s green earth would a content creator make it a CHALLENGE for me to share and to credit that share?

Isn’t that the point of making content? Is to share it?

Here is one BIG tip to make people not only share your work, but also to ensure you get the credit for it.

Could it really be simple? Could it really be free? Yes, and yes! My two favorite words strung together: easy and free.

So here it is. Are you ready for it? Here is the number one tip I have found the most frustrating when trying to share YOUR content:

Make sure your sharing tool is adding your @username handle for Twitter!

That way when people share your content, it’ll tag you as the author on Twitter. And if you go back to your profile page and click on ‘tweets and replies’ you can see who is sharing your content to thank them!

Now I’m not a marketing expert, but it has been driving me bonkers when not only do news articles and blog posts not have the Twitter tag when clicking the sharing button, but some times they don’t even have the author’s Twitter name included in the article! Arg! I just want to give the author props for writing a cool article, okay? Okay! I will even go as far as to search for the author’s name on Twitter and try to find them. But lately, I haven’t been doing that as much, because honestly who has that kind of time?

So if you have a blog, make sure your sharing tool is giving you the props you deserve! Not sure if your sharing tool is adding your Twitter handle to the end of the sharing prompt? Check out this useful article here for more literature about sharing buttons.

What are your social media pet peeves? Share below!

Moe Joe’s Cafe #yeahTHATGreenville presents: the #Siphon #Coffee LIVE!

Moe Joe's Siphon

After getting a fabulous hair cut, I headed across the street to my new favorite cafe, Moe Joe’s! The baristas Sly, Alexander and AJ were awesome and super cool to hang out with. Think I am going to turn into a cafe writer after all :)

“Super hot is a relative term for a Barista.”

~Sly the Barista

So without further adieu, enjoy this here video! I’m proud of myself for finally being brave enough to vlog in public, huzzah! Thanks again to the awesome baristas, they know their stuff!!!

Check out Moe Joe’s here: and be sure to Follow them on Twitter @Moejoescoffee!

#Bookreview: Holes

Holes Book Review

Well a good book, is a good book. It doesn’t matter what age group it was written for.

This technically is probably more of a middle-grade, because of Stanley’s age, which is younger in the book than the movie. But it reads more like a YA book, and it was told beautifully. Here is the description from Amazon:

This winner of the Newbery Medal and the National Book Award features Stanley Yelnats, a kid who is under a curse. A curse that began with his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather and has since followed generations of Yelnats. Now Stanley has been unjustly sent to a boys’ detention center, Camp Green Lake, where the warden makes the boys “build character” by spending all day, every day, digging holes five feet wide and five feet deep. It doesn’t take long for Stanley to realize there’s more than character improvement going on at Camp Green Lake: the warden is looking for something. Stanley tries to dig up the truth in this inventive and darkly humorous tale of crime and punishment—and redemption.

What I loved most about the book, is it’s a story within a story. It takes place mostly at the camp, after Stanley has been sentenced and he befriends a younger boy named Zero. The interesting thing about it is the town’s history, because it didn’t always used to be a dried up lake. It was once a rich town with a charming school teacher, and a friendly black man who sold onions.

Racism and jealousy ripped the town apart, and drove the nice school teacher to become Kissin’ Kate Barlow, the most feared outlaw of the era. And it was said she buried treasure somewhere near the lake, and generations have been spent searching for such riches.

Luckily, it wasn’t the crazy treasure-hungry Warden who found it. But rather, the hero of the story, Stanley. It was a pretty predictable ending in that regard, that the bad guy was going to lose, so that wasn’t really a spoiler. This book still had lots of surprises though, even when seeing the movie, like how many life-lessons were sprinkled into the story. Not just about mentally surviving, but about building confidence. And no, it wasn’t the hole-digging that gave Stanley his groove back.

This book was a real fun read. I read it because I always liked that movie with Shia Labeouf, titled the same. I read in an interview with the author on his own website, that the biggest challenge was the flow of the story with the town’s history story. I personally think he did a great job of blending the two stories together.

What impressed me, too, was that he also wrote the screenplay for the movie. And it shows because it’s pretty close to the book. I was delighted that the novel was as interesting and funny as the movie itself. The book was a fast-paced read and had a great flow from beginning to end.

I was a bit bored during the scenes where Stanley and Zero were on God’s Thumb, but the rest of it kept my interest. It was a quick read, only took a couple of days, and those are always my favorite.

Because of the story’s talent in telling the rich history in an interesting way, and the excitement surrendering Stanley and Camp Green Lake, I am happy to give it 4 solid stars.

Have you read the book or seen the movie? What was your impressions? Are you a fan of Shia Labeouf? Share your thoughts! 

Can #moto360 survive the pressure of the #applewatch hype?

Can the Moto 360 Survive the hype of the

Do you even remember what the Moto 360 is? It’s the almost-entirely round interface crafted by Motorola this past summer.

Yeah, even I forgot about it, and I was beyond psyched for it’s release.

Well now Apple announced it’s long-awaited Apple Watch and suddenly, smart watches are cool again.

Even I’m sold.

I’ve had Android products for the last ten years. But lately I’ve become bored of it. And now that Apple FINALLY has widgets on their phone, when my contracts end in the summer, I’m getting one. And yeah, if I can save up enough monies, I’m getting the Apple Watch, too.

So what do you think? Can the Moto360 and other Android Wear survive the hype of Apple? Or is Apple all hype, and will fall a little flat on their promises?

I am very curious to see the next design of the Moto360 for 2015 and curious to where the smart watch industry will lead too now that Apple is in the game.

But I’m STILL waiting for a smart watch like Leela from Futurama, like I posted about when the hype for the 360 was still strong last year, here.

What are your thoughts on the Smart Watch industry? Share them!