Do you ignore those auto DM messages for Twitter or do you click on them?



I’d really like to know. Because I’ve been getting a LOT lately.

Let’s get one thing clear: I don’t mind that you follow me. In fact, I love it! Especially if you’re not a robot. Humans are amazing, why do we need auto accounts tweeting for us? But what I can’t stand is auto DM messages that go along the lines of “thanks for following me! Check out my facebook page!” or “thanks for following me, check out my book”.

My answer will always be:


So if you want to get people’s attention: TALK TO THEM. Wow, rocket science :)

Otherwise anything auto in my opinion is that if you have a robotic program automatically telling your new followers to check out your webpage, that to me is the bad kind of:


Not saying you can’t do those handy tweet later buffer set up posts, as long as you’re the one who actually typed it.


So what do you think? Do you like those DM messages people send out? Do you ever click on their links? Or, like me, do you refuse to out of spite? But if you are a content creator, why would you risk that chance that someone would ban your website because they feel like they are being spammed?

Share in the comments below!


When @Starbucks goes #steampunk, it’ll make you smile!

So I was in desperate need for a taller tumbler as the one I had only had the capacity for the second largest Keruig size selection, which is a huge problem for me.  So I visit my favorite Starbucks store and take my time picking one out. They had a couple of cute fall colored ones I almost selected,  until I saw this one.


It was gorgeous. And the coppper shine totally gave off a steampunk vibe. I had to have it.

I’m very pleased with it because it is definitely large enough and room to spare.


And, funny story, as I was leaving Starbucks with a big smile on my face carrying my new steampunk tumblerand a double tall Pumpkin Spice Latte, I noticed a lady looking around with a barista looking for a tumbler herself. So I proudly hold up my copper one and said “I just brought this one!” She repliedn “Yes, that looks good, I’ll have that one.”

So there you go. Starbucks is hopefully going strampunk and I hope it is more than just for the fall.

Be the underdog of your own story!

underdoggirl (1)


If you’ve got a problem, you’ve got a story. The best part is, you have the power of how it’s spun.

So instead of complaining about them lemons, show the world why YOU are deserving the role of the underdog. Make them understand your struggle is real, show them what you’re going to do to change your situation, and dangit, go kick some butt – underdog style!

So what if it’s Monday? That just means five more days to show the world you’re the underdog to root for!

How do you get pumped during a struggle? Share in the comments!

The Secret Superpower of #Coffee


Coffee lovers around the world know that coffee has a wonderful superpower of transforming us from brain-dead zombies to fully charged human beings. But did you know coffee has another superpower as well?

It’s true.

Coffee has the power of bringing people together. From total strangers engaging in a coffee conversation, to best friends sharing stories over a cup of coffee. One of the main reasons I love coffee besides it’s caffeine jolt and amazing aroma and flavors is that it truly does bring people together, one cup at a time.

When people asked me why I love coffee so much, I would always say it’s because it’s universal. And it’s true. I was reminded of this yesterday.


After work at my new job, I decided to try a café I’d never tried before but have seen, called Bella Latte. It seemed cute enough, and at first I thought it was a typical chain like Caribou or Starbucks, which nothing wrong with that. But I was curious because I’d seen a few other locations as well. But to my pleasant surprise, it was an indie type coffee store, complete with a pour-over station and some siphon coffee brewers.

When I walked in, there was a lady a little older than me who was very excited as she watched a skilled barista pour hot water with a goose-neck kettle very carefully. It was quite a display and immediately we got in a nice chat about coffee when I said I loved pour-over coffee and have one at home. I mentioned I save the fancy pour-over style for Saturdays and use my Keruig for the weekends. She had a Keruig too and the conversation continued.


I was describing how my ultimate favorite method was French Press, she said she heard about it but wasn’t familiar, so I explained how it worked.

It was just such a great experience and it was a nice reminder of coffee’s true superpower: bringing people together.

Have you had some random conversations with a stranger about coffee before? What is your favorite coffee methods? Share in the comments!

Have a great weekend!

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Give me your theories: the people in our dreams, who are they, what are they?



I’ve long been fascinated, and declare I will always be fascinated, by dreams.

Everyone dreams.

Those who claim to never dream, or never remember them, are either avoiding their dreams or not paying mind to them. But I bet if they did start to pay mind to them, they would begin to remember.

And whenever someone who finds out I’m an author, says I could never be an author, I say yes you can. Start by writing down your dreams. For dreams are just stories, stories in our sleep.

That said, are they just stories? I know there are whole fields of study to the meaning behind dreams, and that’s not what I’m asking.

What I’m asking is the people in your dreams. The people you never met. Those are what kind of freak me out sometimes. How real they always seem, at least, in my dreams.


Last night for example. I was having a lovely dream I was on a long flight to Paris. Why Paris, I haven’t the slightest idea. But I had in my hand a McDonald’s bag, about to enjoy a Big Mac. I was sitting behind two lovely people. A brother and a sister. I was just telling them how I gave up chips, cookies and fast food. They look at me confused when I said fast food, as I had a McDonalds bag in hand. I freak out, wondering why I would break my year of fast food with McDonalds, which would so not be worth it, and offered them my meal instead. The brother took it delightfully, and so, I made new friends.

But just how real they were, made me wonder when I woke up, why do we dream of people we don’t know? People we have never seen on the streets? Why do we dream of strangers? And why do they seem so real? Are they future characters, waiting to be told? Or is the brain just so vivid and wonderfully complicated? I quite like the mystery behind it, and it marvels me every time just how wonderful the human brain really could be.

And now that I’ve rambled, I desperately need some coffee, and shake off this feeling that I’ve missed my flight.

But I would love to hear either your strange dreams or dream theories in the comments!